Industry Directory

  • AliveLock
    Electronic Control Systems, Security and Safety

  • CCC Group Inc.
    Electronic Control Systems, Facility Operations - Management

  • Cell Blox
    Cell Phone Detection, Electronic Control Systems, Perimeter Detection and Security Systems

  • Easter-Owens
    Detention Equipment, Doors and Gates and Operators Systems, Electronic Control Systems

  • Garrett Metal Detectors
    Garrett Metal Detectors is the global leader in the research and manufacturer of security walk-through... ...Garrett Metal Detectors is the global leader in the research and manufacturer of security walk-through, hand- held and ground search metal detectors. The company supplies walk-throughhand-held and ground search products for special events, airports, court houses, schools, correctional facilities and government buildings. Visit for complete product and application information. Electronic Control Systems, Metal Detectors, Perimeter Detection and Security Systems

  • Omnilink
    Electronic Control Systems, Software

  • Sentinel Offender Services LLC
    Drug and Alcohol Detection and Testing, Electronic Control Systems, Kiosks

  • ShawnTech Communications Inc.
    Electronic Control Systems, Inmate Products - Services and Finance, Kiosks

  • TSI Prism
    TSI PRISM is the premier provider of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Technology for high-security applications. TSI PRISM system is the only real-time location and tracking technology specifcally tailored for the requirements of the correctional facilities market. TSI PRISM provides continuous tracking and positioning , depicting graphically where a subject is anywhere in the facility. TSI PRISM fully integrates with Black Creek’s Super Display Touchscreen System. Electronic Control Systems