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Dallas County now has its own Parkland Memorial Hospital facility inside their jail.

This new facility mitigates the security problems associated with transporting prisoners off site for health care.
To further increase the safety of the 6,500 inmates of the Dallas jail Parkland staff specified Ferguson Safety Products suicide prevention Safety Smocks and Safety Blankets for their special segregation cells.  Parkland decided the 5 year guarantee on these items makes them a cost effective investment.

Addressing the safety concerns every jail is facing due to the increase in mentally ill inmates Parkland Hospital also decided to use Ferguson Safety’s Dozer mattresses.  Through review of lab testing and real world track record Parkland staff specified the Dozer and has taken delivery on 170 Ferguson Dozer mattresses.  The Dozer’s fabric and seam strength exceeds all other institutional mattresses and the fire resistant core decreases the possibility of bonfires and the deadly smoke they create.  

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