Remote Visitation Provides Security & Revenue for Douglas County Jail


Black Creek has long jested, “Is Granny going to get her shank pie in your facility?”.  

This unfortunately rings true with most correctional officers – visitors often pose security and safety risks to officers and other inmates.  Contraband also finds its way into many facilities by way of inmate visitors.  Facilities like the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office & Jail are eliminating this threat with remote, web-based visitation.
The IP Web System already allows for visitors at the Douglas County Bonding & Visitation Center to visit with inmates that are secured on site at the jail.  The county is taking the visitation system a step further and has opened up remote web visitation to the public via Black Creek’s IP Web Visitor System.

The Douglas County system allows family and professionals to visit the incarcerated from the convenience and comfort of their homes or offices.  Attorney visits, clergy visits and family visits can all be scheduled and conducted remotely.  The system even allows for multiple, simultaneous visits to an inmate – so families in different cities can connect with their loved one at the same time.  

The IP Web Visitor System is easy to use and requires only basic computer skills, an inexpensive video camera and an internet connection.  The remote visits are offered at a cost that is well below the average cost of a traditional visit and the
revenue will go towards maintenance of the facility.  

Employees at Black Creek now like to say:  “No pie.  No shank.  Granny’s stayin’ home.”