US Prisons vs. other models

The US is known for its overcrowded prisons and harsh penitentiary conditions, but how does it rank compared to some of the other prison systems around the world?
America – the Supermax: How not to treat mentally ill patients
One of the most notorious jails in America is the ADX. The Administrative Maximum Facility, aka the ADX Supermax in Colorado was named in a class-action lawsuit for housing, and worse, segregating, severely mentally ill prisoners. This created a chain reaction. These prisoners were misdiagnosed or not diagnosed at all, so they did not receive mental health treatment. This increased their mental distress, causing those prisoners to act out even more. This lead to punishments of stricter confinement, which triggered further declines in mental health. Attempts at suicide and self-harm were “rewarded” with more punishment.
A lawsuit was filed claiming that the ADX was not paying attention to the inmates’ constitutional rights, and was violating both federal and Bureau of Prisons laws.
ADX is designed to house America’s worst criminals. This is where domestic terrorist Theodore Kaczynski (the Unabomber) is doing hard time. However, the way it treats its mentally ill prisoners—and the prison isn’t actually even permitted by law house such prisoners—has resulted in distress on both sides of the bars, to inmates and their loved ones.

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