WAZE Concerns Sheriffs

In light of the recent ambush attacks on law enforcement, the National Sheriffs’ Association (NSA) is concerned that those who have grievances with law enforcem...

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Justice Reinvestment in Nebraska

Nebraska’s prisons are overcrowded—state corrections officials report that these facilities are at 159 percent of their capacity.

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White House Grounds Penetrated by Potentially Dangerous Drones

In the latest string of White House security breaches, a “quadcopter” or 4-rotor unmanned aerial vehicle flew over and then crash-landed on the south grounds o...

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Wave of Civil Asset Forfeiture Reforms Introduced

On January 16, Attorney General Holder announced a new policy prohibiting federal agency forfeiture, or “adoptions,” of assets seized by state and local law en...

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    From secure check-ins, self-serve commissary to mobile phone apps, these kiosks offer the best efficiency yet.

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  • Offender Risk Assessment

    Tools & Methodologies Highlight of some most used assessment tools.

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  • Advances help block smuggled contraband.

    Contraband remains a huge issue for correctional facilities across the country. In addition to the usual tools of escape, weapons and narcotics, cell phones are now the most prevalent form of contraband currently plaguing this country’s prisons and jails.

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